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Corona Direct Assurance has been in the insurances industry for the past 80 years. Over the period of time, they have excelled their service and offering premium support to their existing clients. Insurance has nothing to do with the hassle and you won’t have a wait for a long period of time to get your money. The files are processed with the highest level of priority and you can even reach their customer support team 24x7. At you will have diversified options which will make your life much easier. Let’s see the key features offered by Corona Direct Assurance.

Car insurance

Have you ever imagine an insurance policy based on pay per use? It sounds too good to be true! But at you will get this amazing offer. There is need to pay heavy car insurance fee since Corona Direct Assurance allows you to pay per kilometers. If you know the basic calculations you will be surprised to the amount of money you can save via such an insurance scheme without comprising your insurance policy. Kilometer insurance has been effective since 2006 and it has been well appreciated by existing clients. Moreover, you will have instant help from their support team in case of unwanted events or accidents.

Family insurance

Corona Direct Assurances family insurances cover up to €25 million. Most importantly your legal protection is also included in their family insurances package. Regardless of your geographical position you can easily become their client and offer your family a secured future. Stop thinking about traditional life insurance policy and seek help from the experts of Moreover they also offer advantageous bonus which is very hard in easy terms. The terms and conditions of are transparent and if you go through their website you will understand they are one of the best in their respective field.

Dog insurance

Who doesn’t love their dog? Imagine all of a sudden your dog becomes sick and you don’t have the money to pay for your dog treats. Just by spending €10 per month, you can get a refund up to €3500. Stop thinking about your dog health since you know you will be always there on your site. You don’t have to go through extensive paperwork to get the cash in case of emergency. Just seek help from their customer support team and they will give all the necessary guideline so that you can easily get the cash in times of your need.

Home insurance

Do you want to ensure your home fully and safely? Are you afraid of the heavy cost associated with home insurance? If this is the case, has the perfect solution for you. You can enjoy your vacations anywhere in the world and your home will still be under the insurance policy. Most importantly your solar panel and other associated things will be covered under the home insurance policy. Feel free to visit to learn more about the home insurance policy. A smart step can secure your future and save a huge amount of money.

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